Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wow! this is it

i just cooked a lovely meal. its nearly 12:30 in the tuesday morning. earlier tonight while i was watching flash forward season finale all of a sudden out of nowhere i started craving persian food. it was too late to go out. so i started searching for some persian food restaurants around melbourne. doing that i came accross this wonderful blog that writes about everything that happens in a simple person's life like me. one of topic was persian cooking & it was very well written. so i decided to write about stuff that i do everyday, stuff that i wanna do 2 put a little bit input to the world as a contribution towards a better place. also wanna write about music, food, love, friendship, study & my favourate one, sunglasses!!!! i'm 25 from melbourne australia

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Anonymous said...

sounds like some things will never change with you, always the chef, and a good one at that. I see you have not lost your zest for cooking and trying new dishes. So what happened to the cricket? I will never forget just how you never wanted to miss not even one ball of any game and boy are those games long I do not think I will ever understand the whole 7 day game I did however enjoy the test matches. And the F1 racing. It was nice to see that you finally had gone and posted something online in support of your team You always had such a creative way of voicing your opinion and I am glad to see it finally come out in a good way you really should keep going with it I hope that you will not let this go as well.