Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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just decided to open a new blog as i started having problem with this one

give it break will ya?

Being a huge formula 1 fan its part of my daily job is to check out what is happening in the formula 1 world. if you are not a f1 fan you have no clue how frequently things change in f1. I was reading this article written by respectful James Allen on the itv-f1.com. I really missed him as a commentator during the 2009 season. But there are tons of things that i disagree with him. James Allen said that there were nobody equal to Michael Schumacher's class and competiveness during his racing career & simply that is why his stats are so high. I am sorry James, i am your fan, but that comment is just rubish. That is just a typical british comment who doesn't appreciate the success of anybody other than a british driver. you really made Mika, Damon, Even Kimi & Jack Villeneuve (lucky with zero talent) sound like bunch of talentless drivers. Of course i agree that the current F1 field is very competetive, but it's not Schumacher's fault that he was above and beyond more talented than any driver really walked into F1 in recent memories. His stats are just the reflection of that. I remember the 2nd last race of the 2010 season when Michael's Ferrari died on him when he surely was gonna be the winner. That was a rare case of Ferarri Engine failure. his qualification in monaco 2006 has a question mark over him, but his drive in that very difficult track was 2nd to none. in a dry race in monaco you wouldn't see many drivers coming out of the race with a respectful chunk of points from the last position (he finished 5th starting from 22nd). in the last race in Brazil he showed another superb drive with the very low competetive car with alot of problems. Doesn't it say something about the guy? His stats weren't just presented to him James. He earned it with his supreme ability. Yes, I am a Schumacher fan & like alot of other ppl i also have question mark about some of his act on the track. but come on, think outside of the box and think logically. I believe the time of his glory years he had to fight against the somewhat similar talent like the recent F1 field. He is the only one was able to get the best out of his car. With the rumours going around about Schumi coming back to F1 it is inevitable he is not gonna have his best races against the current field, but that's not because he was lucky to win his titles, that's because he is 41!!!!! like everybody else, 41 is not the best age for F1 racing. And also the guy hasn't even driven a F1 car in competetive races for over 3 years!!! as you all know, F1 is the sport of continuous development. even having a few months off track is bad enough to ruin a great career. So please James, be fair sometimes.

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i just cooked a lovely meal. its nearly 12:30 in the tuesday morning. earlier tonight while i was watching flash forward season finale all of a sudden out of nowhere i started craving persian food. it was too late to go out. so i started searching for some persian food restaurants around melbourne. doing that i came accross this wonderful blog that writes about everything that happens in a simple person's life like me. one of topic was persian cooking & it was very well written. so i decided to write about stuff that i do everyday, stuff that i wanna do 2 put a little bit input to the world as a contribution towards a better place. also wanna write about music, food, love, friendship, study & my favourate one, sunglasses!!!! i'm 25 from melbourne australia